‘GET RID OF HIM!’ British TV Host Absolutely Loses It, Calls for Security to Throw Out His Guest in Wild Meltdown


A British TV segment went WAY off the rails when a TalkTV presenter called for security while screaming at a guest who walked out of the show when accused of being threatening to another guest.

The meltdown happened on TalkTV when host Andre Walker held a conversation with a TikTok personality known as “Mizzy.” Much of the discussion revolved around the controversy surrounding Mizzy’s content, especially his prank videos that have landed him in legal trouble.

Mizzy sat next to political commentator Reem Ibrahim, who eventually asked if his outrageous conduct will encourage others to commit crimes and possibly lead to people getting injured. Mizzy stared at Ibrahim while she asked the question, then did not respond for several seconds after — creating an awkward silence. Walker accused Mizzy of threatening his fellow guest by staring at her.

“You can do that to me. You are not doing that to a guest!” Walker yelled. “You stare at another guest again and I’m going to personally remove you!”

Mizzy stared open-mouthed as Walker angrily continued to say “You glared at her in a threatening fashion. You do that, I’ll drag you out by the hair and you can be as hard as you pretend you are. You apologize to her right now, or you’re leaving.”

With that, Mizzy got up to leave as he told Ibrahim “You know I respect you, but I’m done here.” Walker responded “Good riddance to bad rubbish. Threatening guests does not happen on my show under any circumstances.

“We never should have had him on the show,” Walker added. “I didn’t even want him here. I think the guy’s a complete and total fool. The fact that I attempted to have a sensible interview with an idiot like that…”

At that point, someone off-camera was heard shouting “he’s kicking off!” That’s when Walker demanded security to come forcibly remove Mizzy.

“Get rid of him for Christ’s sake!” Walker yelled. He then scrunched up a piece of paper and threw it while screaming “Get rid of him!”

Following the incident, Mizzy got on Twitter to stand by his conduct during the interview while accusing Walker of “scripted,” overreactive anger.

“It’s all part of the game,” he said. “Look at how calm Reema Ibrahim was, even smiling whilst I was giving her eye contact. The only guy that over reacted was Mr Andre Walker, and his little escort next to him was just looking confused like she didn’t know what was going on. It’s all scripted.”

Watch above via TalkTv.

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