Glenn Beck Says Migrants Are Going to Start ‘Killing Farmers For Food’


The whiteboard ink appears to have spread to Glenn Beck’s brain.

Without providing any evidence to back up his predictions, TheBlaze TV host wildly theorized last night that migrants will soon start  “killing farmers” living near the U.S.-Mexico border and seize their property.

“This is just going to cascade,” Beck said as he discussed the Trump administration’s ongoing controversies at the border. “I talked about this off the air for a very long time, I don’t even know if I’ve said it on air before.”

He continued:

“We are headed to a time when you will see massive rushes — I think I’ve been saying this since I’ve been in Israel — massive rushes across our southern border, it will get to the point where people will be killing farmers for food, and then it will turn into killing farmers for the land and they’ll say, ‘This is my land. You stole it from us centuries ago.’ And they’ll just start claiming land — and it’s going to happen. How are the police in these border towns expected to survive?”

Beck continued by insisting that “because of the Democrats,” the federal government “is not funding security right now.” He also repeated an anecdote from a friend who visited Los Cruces, New Mexico and claimed that 1,000 migrants are being dropped off in the small town every day.

“In 24 days that increase your population by 24,000,” he said. “And they have nothing, they don’t have food, they don’t have water, they don’t have a place to stay, they have no money, what are those towns supposed to do.”

He added that local are churches are trying to offer the migrants help but “they can’t survive, the churches are broke.”

Watch above, via TheBlaze TV.

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