GOP Rep. to Chris Wallace: Trump Using His Power to Have Ukraine Investigate Biden is Not Impeachable

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Rep. Chris Stewart whether it was wrong for President Donald Trump to ask Ukraine to investigate his political foes — and the Utah Republican responded it isn’t “impeachable.”

“In the abstract, forget the specifics of this case, do you think there’s anything wrong with a president asking another country to investigate his political rivals?” Wallace asked Stewart on Fox News Reporting Thursday.

Stewart instead argued Trump’s pressure of Ukraine wasn’t impeachable, not saying if it was wrong.

“A more accurate question, is there anything criminal or impeachable about that. The truth of the matter is, we work with foreign governments all the time to investigate U.S. citizens,” Stewart said. “Not a single witness has said this is criminal activity. The more important question is does it rise to a level of high crime and misdemeanor.”

“Let me ask you directly,” Wallace said, spelling out what Trump is being accused of. “If Democrats were able to make the case the president used his office, I repeat this is an if, used the office to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, if that were a credible case, is that an impeachable offense?”

“It’s not, Chris. It’s just not,” Stewart said. “How could it be impeachable to ask for information on a U.S. person that you think may be involved in activities that raise questions?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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