GOP Senator Defends Maxine Waters Against Trump’s ‘Low IQ’ Attacks: ‘The GOP is Not Anti-Black’


Chuck Todd asked Sen. Roy Blunt about President Donald Trump‘s curious tendency to label his African-American opponents as unintelligent, and the Missouri Republican assured the NBC host that the GOP is not “anti-black.”

Trump called NBA star LeBron James “dumb” in a tweet Friday night, called CNN host Don Lemon “the dumbest man on television,” and re-upped his “very low I.Q.” attacks on Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters at his rallies this week.

“Are you concerned that the president is defining the GOP as anti-black?” Todd asked Blunt on Meet the Press.

“The GOP is not anti-black,” Blunt replied.

“It’s always with an African-American when he questions intelligence,” Todd interjected. “That’s what makes a lot of people uncomfortable with what he’s doing.”

Blunt contested that Trump lobs insults at all of his opponents, not just his African-American ones. “I think you’ve got to be more careful in our society about what you say about people that are different than you,” he said.

“There are a lot of things, for instance, you could say about Maxine Waters, but to indicate that she’s not a bright person is not one of them,” he continued. “She is very smart and very calculating. And grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, so I served with her in the house.”

“I embrace her as a person who has given a lot of time to public service and has a different viewpoint than I do, but it’s not a viewpoint that’s not based on her factual view of the world,” he added.

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