Chuck Todd

Bret Stephens Defends 2nd Amendment Column: ’Not Gun Ownership That Keeps Us Free, It’s the Rule of Law’

Chuck Todd: Is GOP’s Embrace of Banning Bump Stocks Just a ‘Ruse’ to End Gun Debate?

Chuck Todd: ‘You Would Think Our Leaders Should Be Able to Have’ Gun Control Conversation

Outgoing Sen. Corker Stands by Comments Questioning Trump’s Competence, Stability

Mnuchin on Trump Going After San Juan Mayor: ‘When the President Gets Attacked, He Attacks Back’

Remember When James Clapper Categorically Denied Any Wiretap Against Trump Campaign?

Chuck Todd to Tom Cotton: Do You Still Trust Trump to ‘Be a Conservative President’?

Chuck Todd Tries to ‘Make Sense of’ Trump’s Deals with Dems: It’s ‘Trump One’ and ‘Trump Two’

Chuck Todd Says ‘Both Sides’ Are Purging Moderates: ‘If You Don’t See It,’ You’re Part of the Problem

Chuck Todd: Is Trump Trying to Remake the GOP or Just ‘Blow Up Everything’?

Chuck Todd: Trump’s Laying Down a Choice for GOP, Either With Him or Against Him

Chuck Todd Knocks GOP Lawmakers for Not Calling Out Trump: ‘Who’s Going to Step Up?’

Chuck Todd on Trump’s ‘Both Sides’ Comments: ‘Gave Me the Wrong Kind of Chills’

Chuck Todd Puts McMaster on the Spot About Bannon: Can You ‘Work Together in This White House’?

Chuck Todd Rips Sebastian Gorka: ‘This Seb Gorka Guy…Nothing But a Menace’

Jeff Flake Laments That the GOP Didn’t Stand Up to the Birther Movement

Sen. Jeff Flake Denies Thinking About Leaving GOP Over Trump: ‘I’m a Proud Republican’

GOP Congressman Charlie Dent: If You’re Not Loyal to Trump, Some Republicans Consider You an ‘Infidel’

Chuck Todd Slams White House: Their ‘Credibility Crisis’ Has ‘Gotten Much Worse’

Chuck Todd on Looming GOP Divide: ‘Just Whose Republican Party Is This Right Now?’

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