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Giuliani Goes After Chuck Todd: He’s ‘Not Really’ Objective, ‘His Anger and Distaste For the President is Palpable’

Giuliani Says Trump Team Didn’t Even Know Tower Meeting Was With Russians, But They Did

Giuliani Claims WH Counsel’s Cooperation in Mueller Probe Was Helpful: ‘He Was a Strong Witness for the President’

Omarosa Has No Regrets About Situation Room Tape: ‘I Had to Protect Myself’ From the Lies

Omarosa Shares Recording of John Kelly Firing Her: ‘Very Obvious’ It Was ‘A Threat

On Meet the Press, Omarosa Says She Was ‘Complicit With This White House Deceiving This Nation’

GOP Senator Defends Maxine Waters Against Trump’s ‘Low IQ’ Attacks: ‘The GOP is Not Anti-Black’

GOP Strategist Mocks Midterm Candidates Proving Loyalty to Trump: ‘It’s Like a Stalin Trial Now’

Chuck Todd Grills GOP Senator on Trump’s ‘Dehumanizing’ Tweet on Press: It’s Rationalizing Violence

Journalists Fire Back at Trump Tweet Accusing Them of Causing War: Outrageous, Gross, Dangerous, Wrong

Ingraham Scolds Chuck Todd For Linking Anger Towards Press to Charlottesville Attack: ‘Beyond Reprehensible’

Chuck Todd Questions Timing of Election Security Briefing: White House Desperate to Turn The Page

Chuck Todd Goes Off After Hugh Hewitt Knocks Trump-Russia Media Coverage: This Isn’t About the Media!

Chuck Todd Says Trump Should Postpone Russia Summit: DOJ Just Confirmed Putin Lied ‘to His Face’

Rudy Giuliani Say Michael Cohen a ‘Victim’, Too: ‘If He Wants To Cooperate, I Think It’s Great’

Durbin Accuses Trump Admin of Purposefully Avoiding Reuniting Migrant Families: Policy ‘to Be Mean’

Blunt Warns About Trump’s Summits With Kim Jong Un and Putin: ‘They’re Very Cold-Blooded, Calculating’

Lindsey Graham: ‘The Idea That Russia Did Not Meddle in Our Election Is Fake News’

Chuck Todd: Despite His Unpopularity, Trump Still ‘Winning’ in Some Key Areas

Michelle Wolf Mocks TV News for Having ‘The Drama and Substance’ of a ‘Real Housewives Wine Fight’

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