Gov. Cuomo Reacts to ‘Shocking’ New Stats Revealing 66% of Hospitalized Coronavirus Patients Had Been Social Distancing


Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled new statistics during his press conference on Wednesday, revealing that 66 percent of hospitalized coronavirus patients in New York had been staying at home.

Before analyzing the percentage of hospitalized patients, Cuomo noted that despite the precautions New Yorkers have been taking throughout the pandemic, including stay-at-home orders, the state still saw 600 new cases yesterday.

“Week before that, we still saw 1,000 new cases every day,” he added. “Where are those new cases still coming from, because we’ve done everything we have to close down. How are you still generating 600 new cases every day?”

Cuomo then took a deeper look into the numbers, revealing that most new coronavirus cases are still coming from downstate New York, while hospitalized patients are still “disproportionately African-American and Latino.”

The statistics generally paralleled those throughout the pandemic, apart from one “shocking” detail: 66 percent of hospitalized patients had been social distancing and staying at home.

The governor and his team had previously guessed that they were infected while taking public transportation, explaining his push to sanitize subway cars and buses regularly. But only four percent of these patients were taking public transportation, while most weren’t leaving the house at all.

“These people were literally at home … 84 percent were at home, literally! Were they working? No. They were retired or they were unemployed. Only 17 percent working,” Cuomo told reporters, unable to explain how these people were infected.

“So that says they’re not working, they’re not traveling, they’re predominantly downstate, predominantly minorities, predominantly older, predominantly non-essential employees — and that’s important. We were thinking maybe we were going to find a higher percentage of essential employees who were getting sick because they were going to work. That these may be nurses, doctors, transit workers. That’s not the case, and they were predominantly at home.”

Cuomo then said the government has taken all possible safety precautions regarding the pandemic and urged his citizens to continue to social distance, explaining that it now all “comes down to personal behavior.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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