Greg Gutfeld Rips ‘Irrelevant Gasbag’ De Niro Over Anti-Trump Outburst: ‘Pathetic Old Man’

The Five tore into Robert De Niro on Monday as they talked about how the actor yelled “f*ck Trump” at the Tony Awards last night.

Greg Gutfeld started things off with his usual dismissiveness by recapping that “last night, an elderly, confused man went missing in New York. Luckily a band of self-satisfied elitists found him babbling on the streets, threw some pants on him, and gave him the stage.”

It didn’t stop there though. Gutfeld continued to take shots at De Niro’s career, called him a “pathetic old man,” and bashed the “millionaire lemmings” who joined the actor in denouncing Trump while he prepares to negotiate denuclearization with Kim Jong Un.

“The Resistance is reduced to applauding tantrums,” Gutfeld said. “Who knew de Niro’s lasting role would be an irrelevant gasbag pleasing irrelevant peers.”

When the panel discussion opened up, Dana Perino got in on De Niro by calling him “extremely selfish” for derailing the evening with his statement. Jesse Watters agreed that De Niro’s statements alienate people around the country, and he wondered to himself “I don’t see why these people don’t show up at the Oval Office. Trump will bring them in. They will get things done and everybody will say it’s a win-win.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle also got a word in, bashing De Niro for how he apologized to Canada today over Trump’s feud with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“No one cast you in that role,” Guilfoyle said. “Maybe the next role he should play is someone who is super-jealous and underachieving and on the downside.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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