Trump’s Lawyers Are Reportedly Teaming Up With Other Mueller Probe Targets

President Donald Trump‘s legal team is buddying up with other lawyers so they can all legally dish on Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe.

That’s according to the Daily Beast. In a piece authored by Betsy Woodruff, the Beast reports that Trump’s attorneys have entered into arrangements known as “joint defense agreements” with lawyers for others who have been caught up in the Mueller probe. The arrangement is basically a workaround of the attorney-client privilege. It allows all the lawyers to swap information without violating the privilege of any of their clients.

The tactic, according to the Beast, is common in cases in which multiple defendants are dealing with one prosecutor on the same matter.

“Prosecutors don’t like it,” Sol Wisenberg — a criminal defense attorney — told the Beast. “But there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.”

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