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‘He Was a Grown-Ass Man!’: CNN Panel Ignites Over Trump’s Language

cnnA CNN panel tonight discussed the harassment and hate that people are getting for speaking up against Donald Trump, and New York Times columnist Charles Blow said the man at the top of the ticket deserves a lot of blame.

Angela Rye got very personal about the kinds of threats she and others who oppose Trump receive online and even in the real world. Scottie Nell Hughes followed up by getting personal about the vitriol and harassment she gets as a Trump supporter.

But as far as Blow’s concerned, there’s no equivalency here, arguing, “You do take some cues from the top of the ticket.”

He recalled Trump egging people on to rough up protesters, and Hughes and Corey Lewandowski immediately shot back by invoking Joe Biden suggesting he’d beat Trump up behind the gym if they were in high school and Trump said the things he’s said about women.

Lewandowski said it’s clearly happening on the left too and again dismissed Trump’s past remarks by saying they were 11 years ago. Rye cried, “He was a grown-ass man then, and he’s a grown-ass man today!”

Lewandowski also called Blow a hypocrite for blaming Trump but not Biden, and that set Blow off:

“You have no space! I don’t even actually know what your role is, I don’t know what your function is, I don’t know if you’re actually working for the Trump campaign, I don’t know if you’re an actual surrogate, I don’t know what comes out of your mouth and to what degree it is true, to what degree it is honest, to what degree it matters at all!… The moment you start with the personal attacks, you’re gonna get it right back!”

Blow cried, “You can never say anything critical about Donald Trump!” Lewandowski insisted he has.

Watch above, via CNN.

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