Hillary Denies Once Again: I Never Received or Sent Classified Emails

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.53.20 PMDuring the Iowa State Fair, Hillary Clinton was asked about whether the FBI’s discovery of top-secret emails were the laughing matter she made it last night during her speech at the Wing-Dings Dinner. Clinton once again responded that she never received nor sent any emails with information marked “classified” and said she would let the Department of Justice carry on with its investigation.

As she went on, Clinton said that Republicans are showing a “tendency” to make the Benghazi tragedy into a partisan issue, which she said she will neither approve of nor participate in. Clinton also went on to say that the subject of her emails is usually brought up by reporters, rather than the constituents she’s met in her tour, and said that people are more interested in what she has to say about policy.

When Clinton was asked about whether she feels that the scandal is a liability to her campaign, Clinton dismissed it as the usual “partisanization” of issues she sees on a regular basis. She finished her response by restating that Iowa constituents want to vote for someone who can deliver results on the issues.

You can watch the response here:

[image via screengrab]

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