How Much Does Bill de Blasio Need Airtime? He’s Doing an Interview With Sean Hannity

While CNN’s Chris Cuomo is holding a town hall on gun control Wednesday night, Fox News will feature Sean Hannity hosting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The poll numbers for de Blasio’s presidential race have consistently hovered below 1%, and it looks like he’s taking any press he can get at this point. Even within the New York Democratic party, only 39% said they like him as mayor.

The conservative host is not known for going easy on Democrats, and de Blasio is no different. Just last week Hannity wrote a column for his website titled, “DE BLASIO UNGLUED.” He also posted to Facebook a video titled “The Worst of Mayor Bill de Blasio” in which he said cops had been attacked with buckets of water in New York City because “Bully Bill” had set the tone in the city.

Hannity has never before interviewed the New York City mayor, and has been — like several of his Fox News opinion host colleagues — the subject of criticism from a number of 2020 candidates. As such, landing this chat with de Blasio — floundering in the polls though he is — is a score for the cable news ratings king.

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