‘I Didn’t Expect to Be So Overwhelmed’: Don Lemon Gives Emotional Monologue About Watching America Celebrate Biden Win


CNN’s Dom Lemon delivered an emotional monologue following CNN’s projection that former Vice President Joe Biden will be named the 46th American president Saturday night.

“I almost can’t talk right now because of the emotion,” Lemon said to start off his primetime show Saturday. “I’ve said all along we have two viruses that are infecting this country, and that’s Covid and racism. What we witnessed tonight was the complete opposite of racism with the diversity, with the acknowledgment of all kinds of people, with someone saying they want to represent every kind of American, even the people who didn’t vote for him. We have been starving for that in this country.”

Lemon recalled waking up Saturday morning and seeing and hearing the streets of New York City packed with people cheering after Biden was called the winner over President Donald Trump.

“I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed by that,” Lemon said to Chris Cuomo. “I didn’t realize the PTSD that many marginalized people, that African Americans, women, Latinos, people of color, white people — PTSD that people are feeling around this country because we have had whiplash from someone who only cares about himself and not uniting people.”

“America needed a release valve at that moment,” Lemon continued. “And they wanted to get it off their chests. It was like a third world country, people who have been oppressed. Finally, the relief came. That no longer did we have to live under this suppression. No longer did we have to live under people who are pretending that up is not up and down is not down, that one plus one doesn’t equal two. I can’t help but be emotional at this moment. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to say. So forgive me. I might not say all the right things tonight. I am very emotional. And guess what, I am speaking for everyone.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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