‘I Don’t Know’: GOP Rep. Can’t Answer Why 100 Round Mags Should Be Legal


CNN’s John Berman pressed Republican Rep. Rodney Davis on why 100-round drum magazines like the one used in the Dayton shooting should be legal. Davis said he didn’t know why.

“The 100-round drum magazine that was used in Dayton — why should there be legal protections for people to own this?” said Berman. “Well, I certainly don’t know the answer to that,” said Davis. “I would certainly be one in favor of making sure we limit capacities when you see something like that.”

Davis said that guns play a “very important role” in mass shootings, but the root cause is “pure evil.”

“We have to get to the root cause of what causes somebody to take a weapon, take that modification and go out and kill people because they may be depressed or they may be angry,” Davis added.

He said that they’ve already improved the Fix NICS program to better background checks for federal firearms licenses, and noted that he agreed with the president about the need for more red flag laws.

Berman mentioned that Davis had voted against a bill in February for “near-universal background checks” and asked if he would now consider changing his vote. “That bill was nothing but a partisan show bill and the bill wouldn’t have addressed the problems that we see with addressing what Democrats even call a loophole,” said Davis.

He went on to describe the “gun show loophole” which allows for private firearms sales. To fix that loophole, there needs to be legislation that requires a full gun registry. “Democrats aren’t being serious. They didn’t propose that in their bill.”

Berman pressed Davis to answer whether he supported more universal background checks. Davis said he’s willing to debate the issue, but “the problem is the bills I’ve seen on the floor have done nothing but only further partisanship and not actually get to the root cause.”

“We in Congress can’t stop people from breaking the laws that we pass, but let’s also make sure the laws we pass don’t only affect law-abiding citizens,” Davis added.

Davis himself has firsthand experience with gun violence. He was at bat two years ago when a gunman opened fire on the Republican Congressional baseball practice.

Watch above, via CNN.

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