John Berman

CNN’s Berman: GOP Went from Opposing Exec Power Abuse to Saying ‘Thank You Sean Hannity, May I Have Another’

CNN’s John Berman: Trump Calling Out Rep. Ilhan Omar is the ‘Pot Calling the Kettle Anti-Semite’

CNN’s John Berman: ‘Co-President’ Sean Hannity Calls Border Security Deal a Garbage Compromise

CNN’s John Berman Jokes About Jeffrey Toobin Having His Hands on Roger’s ‘Stones’

Dick Durbin: ‘Technology’ Will Help Stop Illegal Drugs ‘Not Some God Awful Concrete Wall’

Sarah Sanders Insists Trump is Doing ‘Very Well’ in Polls: ‘Rasmussen Had Him at 45%’

Ex-Trump Aide Defends Trump’s TV Binges: Watching Morning Shows is ‘Part of His Workflow’

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman Tells CNN How He Deals With Patriots Detractors: ‘Why You Gotta Hate? Collaborate!’

CNN’s John Berman and Sarah Sanders Battle Over People Affected by Shutdown: This Is Over the Wall

Sarah Sanders Refuses to Deny Trump Directed Roger Stone to Coordinate With WikiLeaks

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and John Berman Role Play Bonkers Giuliani Interview

Howard Dean Slams Tulsi Gabbard: Doesn’t ‘Know What She’s Doing’ and ‘Not Qualified’

CNN’s John Berman, Alisyn Camerota Hilariously Go Off the Rails Over Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad

Rep. Jackie Speier Mocks Trump Claim Democrats Are Calling Him to Defect Over Shutdown: ‘In His Dreams’

Rep. Brooks Clashes With CNN’s Berman: ‘Don’t Make Up Stuff and Try to Mislead the Public’

Dem Rep Slams House GOP’s Renewed Talk of Hillary Clinton Email Investigation: ‘Just Pure Obsession’

CNN’s John Berman: Are Trump’s New Border Threats Serious or Just ‘A Guy Home Alone Venting to the Walls’?

Kellyanne Conway Had The Funniest Gaffe of 2018, Plus 12 Other Amazing Media Moments This Year

CNN’s Berman: GOP Staffer Told Me Mattis Departure ‘Makes Impeachment More Likely’

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Pushes Back on Trump’s SNL Threat: ‘Do Not Mess With Our Comedy’

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