‘I Think He’s Gonna Get His $18 Million’: Alan Dershowitz Defends Chris Cuomo, Says He Hopes Jeff Zucker Gets Fired


Alan Dershowitz said he hopes Chris Cuomo wins a potential lawsuit against CNN after the network fired him on Saturday. The Harvard Law School professor also said that CNN president Jeff Zucker, not Cuomo should have been fired.

Cuomo is reportedly preparing to sue his former network if it does not pay him the remaining $18 million to $20 million remaining on his contract. He was terminated after CNN was alerted to an allegation of sexual misconduct against him by a former colleague during his time at another network.

The former host had a tumultuous year at CNN. In May, he was revealed to have assisted his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), in trying to combat allegations of sexual misconduct. Five days before being fired last week, the New York state attorney general’s office released transcripts of correspondence showing Chris Cuomo wanted to dig up information on his brother’s accusers.

Appearing on Spicer & Friends on Newsmax, Dershowitz defended the former CNN host and eviscerated Zucker.

“The person who should be fired is Jeff Zucker,” said Dershowitz, who happens to be suing CNN for $300 million for allegedly depicting him as an “intellectual who had lost his mind.”

“Jeff Zucker has destroyed that network,” Dershowitz declared. “Turned it into an advocacy network, turned it into a network where friends get favors and enemies get attacked.”

He added, “Zucker was trying to get the ratings up of the nine o’clock show. They were plummeting. and so he put on the love fest between Chris and Andrew,” referring to the softball interviews the CNN host gave his brother in 2020.

“They loved it,” Dershowitz said. “It raised the ratings. So not only did Zucker know, he encouraged it. So there’s no way in which Chris Cuomo misled CNN. CNN was responsible for the decision to keep him on the air.”

Dershowitz continued, “It was Zucker’s decision to make, not Cuomo’s decision. And so of course, it’s a completely airtight defense I think for Cuomo, I think he’s gonna get his $18 million and I bless him for going forward and trying to hold CNN responsible for malpractice and reporting breaking contracts and applying a double standard. You know, I hope that that Chris wins and I hope that Zucker gets fired. He ought to get fired. He is the one who caused this problem.”

Dershowitz added that he doesn’t think Cuomo’s conflict of interest regarding his brother was an actual problem. He said no one could honestly believe that the former CNN host could cover his brother in an objective way:

“I would love any of your viewers to write me an email or write you an email saying, ‘Oh gee, we really thought Chris Cuomo was a completely objective reporter when it came to Andrew Cuomo and we were shocked – gambling in Casablanca?! Oh my god. We are shocked.’ Nobody was shocked.”

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