Is Sean Spicer Hammered in This Live TV Interview at the Trump Hotel Bar?


When Sean Spicer appeared as a guest on BlazeTV host Eric Bolling‘s State of the Union special live from the Trump Hotel lobby bar in Washington D.C. Tuesday night, it seemed like he made good use of the bar.

We don’t say that lightly — after all, the former White House press secretary is a famously ineloquent speaker. But behold Spicer attempt to make a point (some point??) about Trump campaign aide Katrina Pierson in the above clip. If any commenters can explain what in the world he’s talking about, I will buy you a metric Spicer-ton of drinks at Trump Hotel.

As Spicer slurred his way through the appearance, Bolling admirably kept things chugging along with some attempted questions. “Just stop, listen to me!” Spicer protested at one point when Bolling tried to interject.

Spicer said he spoke with President Donald Trump this week, who asked him when he was returning to the White House.

“And I told him, I said very clearly, ‘Mr. President, I love you, I love this White House, but you’re never getting me back,'” Spicer told Bolling.

“I’m having a fun time,” he added, before rubbing Bolling’s suit and remarking: “That’s good. I never knew that Target had good clothes like that.”

“That’s good. Target!” he exclaimed.

“Armani,” Bolling corrected him.

Spicer has yet to respond to Mediaite’s request for comment.

Watch above, courtesy of Media Matters’ Cristina López.

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