Jeff Sessions Gives First Interview Since Leaving DC But He’s Not Talking About Trump

Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions just granted his first interview since he was fired by President Donald Trump and returned home to Alabama.

Yet, while he was willing to talk to Birmingham’s ABC 33/40 exclusively, he apparently limited the topics that he would address.

The allowable questions did not include his firing or Trump.

ABC 33/40 made note of the Sessions’ ground rules.

“We talked with Sessions after Monday’s inaugural activities in Montgomery. He agreed to the interview, however, he also limited what topics could be asked about,” the station reports.

The station added: “Sessions limited his one-on-one interview with ABC 33/40 to only questions about the attorney general’s office in Montgomery, as we were at an event honoring Steve Marshall.”

Sessions did, however, make one reference to firing during his speech for Marshall, which apparently drew laughter from the crowd.

“Do the right thing every day and usually things will work out- but not always,” Sessions said. “Usually they work out. I told someone at least in the United States, they fire you, they don’t shoot you.”

Sessions also did not say if he plans to run again for public office in 2020.

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