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Jeffrey Toobin: Bill Barr and Fox News Are ‘Repeating Talking Points’ About IG Report ‘That Are Simply Not True’

CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin explained comments he made to Anderson Cooper Tuesday night in which he derided Attorney Generall William Barr by calling him a “Fox Bot.”

During a Wednesday morning appearance on CNN New Day, co-anchor John Berman asked his guest to explain comments made that followed Bill Barr’s stunning interview with NBC News Pete Williams that echoed much of the baseless analysis made by Fox News opinion hosts regarding the Inspector General report that found no political bias in the origins of an investigation between Russian election interference and the Trump campaign.

Berman said “I heard you call William Barr a ‘Fox bot.’ What did you mean by that?”

Toobin explained by noting that AG Barr and Fox News “are repeating talking points about this investigation that are simply not true.”

“To be demeaning the FBI as spying on a political campaign when, you know, this exhaustive 500-page report said that this was appropriate, that it was not done with political motivation, I mean, it’s just something that we haven’t seen before. Maybe since the Nixon years,” Toobin explained. “But even then you didn’t have the brazenness that you have from the Attorney General and from the president on this subject.”

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