Jill Stein: ‘Clinton Democrats’ Dragged Me Into Russia Probe as ‘Punishment’ For 2016 Run


On Thursday night, 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein spoke out about her recent involvement in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Stein gave her account of what happened at the 2015 conference when she sat at the very same table as Russian President Vladimir Putin. She insisted there was “nothing secret” about the event and that there were no “backroom deals.” At the dinner itself, Stein said that “not a word” was exchanged between her and Putin except for when he shook everyone’s hand before leaving.

Tucker Carlson then pivoted to the “real crime” she committed, which was running as a third-party candidate in the 2016 election as some believe she bares responsibility for Donald Trump‘s victory.

“Do you see this as punishment for the crime of running for president?” Carlson asked.

“Yes,” Stein responded.

She pointed to news reports that quoted a former spokesperson for the Hillary Clinton campaign celebrating Stein’s recently-announced involvement in the probe.

“So many Clinton Democrats are furious at me,” Stein continued. “They’re outraged that I dared in so many words, you know, dared to think that we get to make up our own minds and that our votes don’t belong to Hillary Clinton or anybody else.”

Stein went on to say that it’s “not just Democrats,” pointing out that the probe consists of a “bipartisan commission” led by Republicans.

“They have it in as well because it’s very inconvenient to have, you know, an opposition political party that’s not taking orders from the same suspects,” Stein said.

She added that there are “legitimate aims” in the investigation in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and demanded transparency from the government.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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