Jodi Arias Sentencing Phase Postponed Until May 15, No Explanation Given

In a stunning move, the sentencing phase for the trial of convicted murder Jodi Arias has been suddenly postponed until May 15, with no reason given by the court.

The trial was set to resume with an “aggravating phase” today to determine whether there was an aggravating factor, such as cruelty, in the way the first-degree was committed. Most analysts expected that it would be easy for the prosecution to secure such a factor and move the trial into the death penalty phase. But now the trial has been stopped dead in its tracks.

While no explanation has been given for the postponement, legal analysts seem to think Jodi Arias’ bizarre post-conviction admission that she prefers death over a lifetime in jail could be cause for concern.

“You have to wonder whether her attorneys are now questioning her competence to continue in this trial,” our site’s founder and ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams tells me. “Doing a TV interview immediately after she was convicted and saying she would prefer the death penalty would probably concern any defense attorney.”

Watch Arias’ post-conviction interview below, via Fox-10 Phoenix:

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