Joe Lieberman Showers Bernie Sanders with Praise on CNN: ‘Equals’ the ‘Financial Strength of Mike Bloomberg’


Former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman noted Sen. Bernie Sanders’ apparent strength and staying power as a presidential candidate, comparing the Vermont senator’s resources to billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Lieberman spoke with John Berman on New Day Thursday where the former independent senator from Connecticut praised the current independent senator from Vermont.

“When you see those fund-raising numbers from Bernie Sanders, $34.5 million in the fourth quarter, how does it strike you?” Berman asked.

“He has shown real lasting power both politically, the crowds are there for him, and also monetarily,” Lieberman responded. “It’s a great show of support. And to be the most significant thing here in these numbers is what was said earlier is 99% of the people who have given to him in these numbers are giving an average of $18 which means they can keep giving.”

“Which means that in a fascinating way, Bernie Sanders has sort of equaled the — it’s a funny word to use — the financial strength of Mike Bloomberg in this race,” Lieberman continued.

“I’ve always said Mike Bloomberg’s great strength, not only his record and ideas but he can keep going and spending money as long as this race goes on and so, too, could Bernie Sanders,” he said.

Lieberman went on to say he saw the field as “wide open” and said he thinks a brokered Democratic convention could be a possible outcome at the end of the primary.

“A political reporter’s dream but it might be a party’s nightmare. We’ll have to wait and see on that,” Berman said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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