Joe Scarborough Compares Trump’s Rally Performance to Fat Elvis: ‘His Heart is Just Not In It’


Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough likened President Donald Trump’s performance at Tuesday night’s campaign rally to the later-stage performance of Elvis Presley.

The Trump Campaign held a large rally in Orlando’s Amway Arena to ostensibly launch the commander in chief’s reelection efforts, and while it was presented as something unique, much of the rhetoric and stagecraft was very familiar to Trump supporters, who didn’t seem to be disappointed in the familiarity of the event.

Scarborough, not surprisingly, saw it in another way: Trump was playing his “greatest hits” in a half-hearted manner that reminded him of late-career, overweight and the drug-addled King of Rock and Roll.

“It’s Elvis in ‘77 sweating, trying to sing the old hits but his heart is just not in it,” Scarborough said, adding “They know what he’s going to sing before he sings it. They know all the words and the guy who was once so exciting is now just dull.”

Elvis in Concert was Presley’s last television special and was aired in October of 1977 posthumously. The footage was used from his concert tour earlier in the year, and while Presley’s fans loved the show, critics noted that Presley didn’t have the same performance energy or enthusiasm that once made him so popular.

Scarborough saw the same in Trump and followed by mocking the president for going after a familiar political foe, even though she has been out of the public eye for well over two years. “He’s still attacking Hillary Clinton!” he expressed with surprise, adding, “Like doing ‘lock her up’ things. I mean, that’s beyond.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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