Joe Scarborough Goes OFF on Memo Detailing Pentagon’s Delayed Action on January 6th: ‘They Did Nothing!’


Joe Scarborough blasted former President Donald Trump’s allies with the Pentagon amid accusations that they chose not to immediately try to stop the storming of the U.S. Capitol.

On Tuesday, Morning Joe went over the memo filed by Col. Earl Matthews, who accused Army Gen. Charles Flynn (brother of Michael Flynn) and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt of lying to Congress about the National Guard’s response capabilities on January 6th. Matthews also denounced the U.S. Army’s report on January 6th as “historical fiction,” saying that it downplays the Pentagon’s mismanagement of the events that day.

Politico’s Betsy Woodruff was on to discuss the report on the memo that she co-authored with Meridith McGraw, and she noted Matthews’ claim that the D.C. National Guard “sat stunned” as they watched the Capitol riot unfold, but they were not dispatched to control the situation, for which, he blames the “inertia” at the Pentagon. As Scarborough ran through several of the questions raised by the memo, he became increasingly outraged as he asked how did the Pentagon not take action.

Anybody that saw what happened that morning and now is hearing the Pentagon saying ‘nothing to see here, move along,’ we all know they’re lying. We all know they’re covering up. We need a tick tock, a second-by-second accounting of where the Pentagon was, why they were dragging their feet, why they let our Capitol…Why Trump’s leaders inside the Pentagon and the Commander in Chief himself, why did they let our Capitol get ransacked and ravaged? Torn to shreds! Excrement spread on the walls. The people’s house, DEFILED!

Scarborough turned to Jonathan Lemire as he concluded by remarking that officials were warned of the concerns about January 6th, but “it came, America watched the peoples’ house invaded and desecrated while they did nothing! While Trump’s leaders inside the Pentagon did nothing.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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