comScore Joe Scarborough: Coronavirus Outbreak Worse Than 9/11

Joe Scarborough on Coronavirus Outbreak: ‘This Isn’t Like 9/11, This is Like World War II’

J0e Scarborough put the national response to the coronavirus outbreak in stark relief Tuesday morning, the day after President Donald Trump presented a strikingly different tone of warning during Monday afternoon’s press conference.

The Morning Joe co-host noted a “sobering report” from the weekend that an estimated two million Americans could die from the Coronavirus, which Scarborough noted as “more Americans than died in World War 1, World War II, Vietnam, and the civil war combined.”

“The White House is unusually focused and frightened about what is coming,” Scarborough added.
“I spoke to high-ranking officials yesterday … who said this is going to be very bad. We are going to have to, you know — it is all hands on deck.”

“This isn’t like 9/11. This is like World War II. It is going to change the way we live as Americans. And the atmosphere inside the White House was very sober.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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