comScore John Kasich: 'Black Lives Matter, Especially Now'

John Kasich: ‘Black Lives Matter, Especially Now’

vlcsnap-2015-08-13-14h16m22s040-e1439490669777-300x197Republican presidential candidate John Kasich took up the cry of a movement drawing attention to the deaths of young black men at the hands of the police, saying in a CNN interview that “black lives matter.”

CNN’s Dana Bash began by listing some of the Democratic candidates’ forays into the Black Lives Matter movement. “Hillary Clinton met here in New Hampshire yesterday with some Black Lives Matter protesters. I don’t know if you saw, Bernie Sanders had a disruption at one of his events because of protesters.”

“Martin O’Malley apologized for saying ‘all lives matter.’ Do you think that it’s appropriate to apologize for that?” she said the Ohio Governor. “What’s your view on all this?”

“I’ve been very involved in Ohio,” Kasich said. “We have a collaborative effort with community leaders, African-Americans, law enforcement, and they came up with 23 recommendations.”

“Should a public official apologize for saying all lives matter?” she repeated.

“I don’t know about that issue…” he responded. “And all lives do matter. Black lives matter, especially now, because there’s a fear in these communities that, you know, justice isn’t working for them.”

“But it’s about balance,” he added. “I’m not going to get myself caught in some sort of a wedge. The community has to understand the challenges of police, and the police have to understand the challenges of the community.”

Watch, via CNN.

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