Jon Stewart Warns Occupy Wall Streeter Caught Defecating On Cop Car: Optics Are Everything

Jon Stewart Warns Protester Caught Defecating On Cop Car: Optics Are Everything!

When The Daily Show was last on the air, Occupy Wall Street was a small live-in movement isolated to Lower Manhattan, so when Jon Stewart returned to the newsroom today, he found the movement had gone global, with thousands of protesters uniting to form what he called the “Hard Rock Café of leftist movements.” Unfortunately, this also meant there were thousands of new people involved who didn’t quite understand the damage a bad image could do, including one man who got a personal lecture (and newspaper-wagging!) from Stewart for relieving himself on a police car.

Stewart noted with some surprise that the movement had grown incredibly before turning to the image of the man, pants around his ankles, leaning on a police car– an image appearing first appearing in the Daily Mail. He then turned cameras to meet one on one with the man and say, “no!” As with all animals that mistakenly poop in the wrong part of the house, he then rolled up a paper and angrily wagged it at him.

“You do not want this to be your Tiananmen Square,” Stewart joked, pointing to a doctored photo of the famous Tiananmen Square tanks with the man’s image superimposed. He warned that images could make or break a movement, particularly with independents who may appreciate the anti-corporatist message and feel repulsed by some extreme elements that joined the protests as they crested.

Watch the clip via Comedy Central below:

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