Judge Napolitano Suggests Paul Manafort May Have Been Wiretapped to Help Hillary


A recent drought off Russia Investigation bombshells ended last night when CNN reported that former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manfort¬†was the subject of a wire-tap investigation before and after last year’s general election. It’s the first significant bit of information to come from the otherwise very disciplined office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and has led to immediate cable news analysis.

Enter Judge Andrew Napolitano to the Fox & Friends curvy couch to provide his judicial insight from his uniquely (and self-described) Libertarian point of view.  Despite the fact that very little is still known about the Manafort wiretap and broader investigation, Napolitano suggested a few reasons that might be at play.

“Were they listening to Paul Manafort during the campaign in order to find out what Donald Trump was going to do next in the campaign and help Hillary?” opined Napolitano. Or, as he followed up, “were they listening to Paul Manafort because they thought he had committed a crime?” before sticking the landing with “were they listening to Paul Manafort because they were looking for something with which to tarnish the future president?”

So in eyes of Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, two of the suggested three reasons behind this investigation had nefarious goals set up by those working under the Obama administration.

Co-Host Brian Kilmeade asked the question clearly begged by Napolitano’s suggestions, wondering “were they listening to Paul Manafort in trump Tower and does it seem more and more like the president knows something when he came out and had that tweet from Mar-a-Lago all those months ago?”

“Yes to all those questions,” said Napolitano. And there is your Manafort narrative on the right. Et viola!

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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