Willie Geist Warns Morning Joe Viewers: Trump at UN Might be ‘Jarring’


Morning Joe turned ten years old today and kicked off the occasion with a bang and a special anniversary show from NBC’s historic studio 8H.

While the mood on set was jokey — at various moments Joe and Mika engaged playfully with audience members — things turned serious fast with the gang dived into Donald Trump’s looming speech to the United Nations general assembly.

The idea sent sent a noticeable shiver down Willie Geist’s spine who warned MJ viewers that seeing Trump in front of that iconic green wall could be “jarring.”

“A lot of people have said it will be jarring to see Donald Trump in front of the famed green tiles that stand behind a wold leader. In 2012 he actually tweeted about how ugly those tiles were and he offered to replace them. So I don’t know if he’ll get a chance to do that,” said Geist. “So this is an organization, the UN that Donald Trump has called incompetent. He questioned why it exists and what it should be doing … It will be extraordinary, it will be exceptional. and I think what you’re going to hear him say is nations need to act in their self-interests.

Here’s that tweet Geist was talking about.

Also on hand was show resident grandpa Mike Barnicle, who offered a bit of Trump advice he appeared to have picked from a fortune cookie.

“We focus on what Donald Trump says, what he tweets but today at the United Nations … it’s not so much what Donald Trump says, it’s what others hear. What do they hear in North Korea? What do they hear in NATO and Europe? What do they hear? What do the people who our allies and enemies hear?

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