‘This is McCarthyism!’: Trump Accuses ‘Sick’ Obama of Tapping Trump Tower’s Phones



This morning while waking up at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump grabbed his phone and furiously fired off a series of accusatory tweets about his predecessor.

Without citing any evidence, the president claimed that former President Barack Obama had phones at Trump Tower tapped prior to the election.

So, where did Trump get this information or what inspired this series of tweets? Well, it seems that a Breitbart article published yesterday by Joel Pollak might be the genesis. Pollak’s piece highlighted a Mark Levin radio segment in which he outlined his belief that Obama had used “police state” tactics against Trump. Part of that included FISA requests submitted by the Obama administration to monitor communications.

Per the Washington Post, the Breitbart story “has been circulating among Trump’s senior staff, according to a White House official who described it as a useful catalogue of the Obama administration’s activities.”

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