CNN’s Kate Bolduan Claims ‘I Don’t Have a View!’ In Spat With GOP Rep.


CNN’s Kate Bolduan interviewed Republican congressman Dave Brat about the federal response to storms Harvey and Irma that devastated the Southern United States this month.

Bolduan asked Brat, a Virginia Republican and member of the hyper-conservative Freedom Caucus, if he intended to vote for further funding to help with relief efforts.

Brat said that he and his colleagues in the House always intended to vote for a relief bill, but that there was an attempt to link such funding to a raising of the debt ceiling, “with no statement on fiscal discipline put forward” — and that disturbed him.

The Virginia congressman had voted in favor of a “clean” hurricane disaster relief bill, but voiced his opposition to the eventual debt ceiling increase he argued was jammed through Congress.

Bolduan pointed out that the deal made with Democratic leaders to raise the debt ceiling was struck by Donald Trump, the Republican president, and pressed Brat to comment.

“So who’s to blame for this intellectual in-honesty, if you will?” she asked.

“Whoever came up with the plan,” Brat dodged, but Bolduan pressed him to name names.

“Well you’re asking me for my view, I get your view, but let me give you the context,” Brat said.

“No, no, no I don’t have a view!” Bolduan protested.

Brat then blathered about fiscal responsibility for a while, before Bolduan asked “does the president deserve some blame hear, because he’s the one that struck the deal?”

“Yeah, on that issue, I totally disagree,” Brat replied, and a satisfied Bolduan ended the segment.

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