‘Kevin McCarthy Gave Up’: Lawrence O’Donnell Champions House Deal as ‘A Win For Democrats’


MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell celebrated the passing of the House debt ceiling deal on Wednesday as “a win for Democrats” and said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy “gave up.”

“More Democrats supported this bill than Republicans because this was a win for Democrats. That’s what it was,” said O’Donnell on his MSNBC show The Last Word.

One hundred forty-nine House Republicans voted to pass the bill, along with 165 Democrats. 71 Republicans and 46 Democrats opposed the bill.

“The House of Representatives voted not just to raise the debt ceiling, but to actually eliminate the debt ceiling for two years. For the rest of President Biden’s first term. For the rest of this congressional term,” O’Donnell celebrated. “The Democrats will not have to face the debt ceiling again before they face another election.”

O’Donnell noted that the deal’s passing “was not an easy thing to achieve,” however, as “Republicans could have insisted on only a six month extension on the debt ceiling, or one year, so that they could come back one year from now and pound Joe Biden again in a negotiation like this.”

“But Kevin McCarthy gave up because Kevin McCarthy did not want to come back to that room,” O’Donnell suggested. “Kevin McCarthy did not want to be in another highly-pressurized debt ceiling negotiation again, and so Kevin McCarthy gave President Biden two full years on the debt ceiling. That is an outcome that was almost unimaginable even a week ago.”

Despite heavy opposition from the House Freedom Caucus and other House Republicans, McCarthy vowed to get the bill passed.

“We’ll get it done without them, that’s not a problem,” McCarthy said, claiming that “every single one of the members who vote no will miss the opportunity to vote for the largest cut in American history.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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