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Race to the Midterms: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Key House and Senate Races

WATCH LIVE: Georgia 6th District Congressional Debate Between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel

Evan McMullin Suspected to Be Source Who Leaked McCarthy’s Joke About Russia Paying Trump

Trump ‘Must Be Charged’: Democratic Congressman Calls For Trump’s Impeachment

Poll: Only 21 Percent of American Voters Approve of American Health Care Act

Protesters Chant ‘Shame’ at GOP House Members Following Passage of Health Care Bill

House Narrowly Passes Obamacare Replacement Bill

WATCH LIVE: House of Representatives Holds New Vote on Health Care Bill

‘Absolutely, Positively Not’: Chaffetz Says He’s Not Leaving Congress Due to an Impending Scandal

From ‘Insane and Dangerous’ to ‘Assad Must Go’: Congress Reacts to Syria Strike

GOP Rep Calls For Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

Ryan Candidly Reflects On Defeat: ‘We Were a 10-Year Opposition Party…Being Against Things Was Easy’

‘Have We Forgotten Everything Reagan Taught Us?’: Newt Gingrich Now a Nay on AHCA

John Lewis on AHCA: ‘I Oppose This Bill With Every Breath and Every Bone in My Body’

WATCH LIVE: House of Representatives Votes on the American Health Care Act

‘The Process Has Been Horrible’: GOP Rep. Declares Tepid Support For Health Care Bill While Trashing Process

Democratic Rep.: I’ve Read Classified Reports With ‘Damning Evidence’ on Trump-Russia Collusion

Republican Congressman From NJ: GOP Health Care Bill ‘Not as Good’ as Obamacare

WATCH: This Awesome Kid Dabbed as Ken Bone During His Dad’s Congressional Swearing In Ceremony

House GOP Gives Up on Rule Changes That Would Have Gutted Ethics Office

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