Krauthammer: Trump Is ‘Trolling’ the Media With His Tweets to ‘Get an Overreaction’

On Fox News’ Special Report tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that President Trump‘s anti-media tweets are just an exercise in trolling.

The Washington Post‘s Charles Lane first observed that he doesn’t think that the tweets are distracting from Trump’s agenda because “the tweets are the agenda.”

“He is involved in a personal battle with CNN, with some other elements of the media that he regards as too critical,” Lane said, “and he’s sick of it.”

He did go on to say this whole thing is “embarrassing.”

Krauthammer agreed and said it’s “kind of a psychological need,” but went on to make this observation:

“I think he’s trolling the press. This CNN bit I found rather amusing. It was meant to drive them crazy, to get an overreaction, to get attention… So there’s some strategy here. Not much.”

The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway, meawhile, said that the people who keep saying “this isn’t normal” don’t understand that “that’s the point and that’s what a lot of people like.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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