Kushner Lawyer Says Jared Met With Mueller Team a Second Time: Been Completely Cooperative

During a slippery interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Jared Kushner‘s lawyer Abbe Lowell was asked about his client’s lengthy sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He provided only vague details of Kushner’s time with the Special Counsel. He did, however, make it clear he thinks his client has done nothing wrong and is not hiding anything.

When asked about the questions that were asked in his client’s meeting with Mueller, Lowell called them “appropriate topics” but then admitted talk turned to allegations of Russia collusion, his contacts with foreign nationals, and obstruction during the 7-hour meeting.

He would not go into further specifics, however, and later said: “I can’t really tell you question by question.”

One thing Lowell was willing to talk about at greater length, though, was the fact Kushner was a model questionee.

“I don’t know that anybody is cooperating more,” Kushner’s lawyer opined, calling Trump’s son-in-law the “definition of cooperation.”

The pattern then repeated itself when asked about if Kushner a target.

Calling “witness” and “target”  merely “words that you guys in the media” use, Lowell punted when asked if Kushner was a target and insisted, “I simply don’t use those terms.”

Blitzer then tried to pin him down, asking directly, has Kushner “been told he’s not going be charged [in the Mueller probe]?”

Lowell responded by asking incredulously, “Why would anybody ask that question?”

Kushner’s lawyer then insisted his client was just a witness, replying once again with surety, “There is nothing he’s done and nothing that I’ve seen that would indicate that anybody would have an interest in him other than being a witness to events.”

Finally, talk turned to Kushner’s security clearance, where Lowell once again claimed that nothing was amiss, telling Blitzer that Trump’s top aide, “has been restored in a permanent clearance …to do the job the president has asked him to do.”

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

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