Laura Ingraham Blasts Trump’s Decision to Sign Spending Bill: ‘I Tried to Warn Him’


Laura Ingraham was not happy with President Trump for signing the $1.3 trillion spending bill into law.

Early on Friday, the president teased that he may veto the omnibus bill that was passed by Congress because it didn’t include DACA. But in the end, Ingraham declared that the “monstrosity” of a bill was a “score” for the swamp.

Ingraham criticized the president for saying he “didn’t have a choice” because he wanted to fund the military.

“But let’s face it. It pains me to say this, the president did have a choice,” Ingraham said. “He could have called Congress back to town and make them pass a continuing resolution until his priorities were funded and we explain this mess to the American people. I tried, in vain, to warn him many times this week.”

She took aim at the GOP, who were elected in both the House and the Senate as well as the White House to “shrink government spending and to shake up the system.”

“This was like Christmas for Democrats,” Ingraham continued. “I mean, domestic spending goes through the roof. Chuck Schumer is like a cat who ate the canary. He gets his pet rail project. Planned Parenthood… totally funded! Meanwhile, Trump gets a fraction of what he wanted. And zero, and I mean zero funding for that big beautiful concrete border wall. On my radio show this morning, in three hours, not a single caller––and I wasn’t trying to weed out callers or make it all cute here––but not one wanted the president to sign this legislation.”

The Fox News host then asked if this was the President’s “first serious breach with the base.”

She then introduced her panel, but before they weighed in, she further expressed her frustration with the spending bill.

“It broke my heart, and I was––I mean, you can ask my staff,” Ingraham said. “I was really down today. I mean, I felt personally really depressed. I was in a funk because of what happened.”

Ingraham later on played a clip of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who pointed out that Trump signed a bill into law that he, and virtually everyone on Capitol Hill, didn’t read, which she said was right.

“This is generational theft of the next generation,” Ingraham added. “I hear a lot spinning, lot of spinning, ‘oh the military needed a raise.’ But every time we end up mortgaging our children’s future, all we hear is ‘we need the military.’ Of course we need the military. But that’s not an argument. That’s a false equivalency. But that’s what we hear every time. The Republicans rolled this president. There is no border wall. There is 33 miles of like fixing the fence and some sensors. It is a travesty that they convinced him early on that this was going to be a real border wall and it was not.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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