Laura Ingraham: I Don’t Think Al Franken Should Resign, ‘The Voters Should Decide’


On Monday night, Laura Ingraham made a rather surprising defense of Democratic Senator Al Franken.

Last week, the Minnesota politician was accused of groping and forcibly kissing radio news anchor Leann Tweeden during their USO trip to Afghanistan back in 2006 before he was elected into office. And on Monday, he was accused of grabbing a woman’s butt during a photo op at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010, which he was a senator at the time.

But despite some pressures for Franken to resign, the Fox News host had a different position.

“I don’t think he should resign and here’s why,” she said, agreeing with Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein. “I think the voters are the ones who should decide this in the next election cycle. They elected him.”

Ingraham explained that Franken came from “the entertainment world” and that it’s a “wild deal” over at Saturday Night Live regarding what goes on behind the scenes.

“But they kinda knew what they were getting with Al Franken,” she elaborated. “Not saying he was doing the groping pictures, but they elected him. Let them unelect him. He apologized- I don’t personally like Al Franken. He’s never been particularly nice to me.”

She continued, “We don’t agree, but I find him personally when I’ve debated him in the past very, very nasty. At the same token, I actually don’t think he should resign. The voters should decide Alabama. The voters should decide Minnesota. I think the voters ultimately re-elected Bill Clinton in 1996 and they seemed to forgive him after.”

“And they elected Donald Trump,” Goodstein responded.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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