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Kirsten Gillibrand Rebukes George Soros for Anger Towards Her Over Franken: ‘That’s On Him’

In Rare Interview, George Soros Criticizes Gillibrand: Pushed Franken to Resign ‘To Improve Her Chances’

Bill Clinton Questions Al Franken Accusations: ’Women on Saturday Night Live’ Defended Him

Richard Painter, Running for Al Franken’s Seat, Dodges on Whether He Believes Accusers in Tense Interview

Thoughts on a News Cycle: Russia, The CPAC Mess, And Whether Trump Will Sell Out the NRA

WATCH: Joy Behar Confronts Kirsten Gillibrand About Al Franken on The View

Bachmann Wonders If God Wants Her to Run For Franken’s Seat: ‘Am I Being Called to Do This Now?’

Half of Minnesota Voters Feel Al Franken Should Not Resign From Senate

Al Franken Rips Trump, GOP In Final Floor Speech: ‘We’re Losing The War For Truth’

Al Franken’s Office Announces His Resignation Date: January 2

Mika Brzezinski on Harassment Due Process: Women ‘Can Say Anything And a Man’s Career is Ruined’

CNN Panel Goes Off Over Report Dems Asking Franken to Reconsider: He Won’t ‘Un-Resign’

Sen. Joe Manchin: Dem Calls For Al Franken to Resign ‘Most Hypocritical Thing I’ve Ever Seen’

Twitter Erupts Over Carter Page’s Statement That He Has It Worse Than Franken Accusers

Fmr GOP Gov Pawlenty: Don’t Put ‘Credibly Accused Serial Child Molester’ Roy Moore in Senate

Al Franken Accuser Reacts to ‘Defiant’ Resignation Speech: ‘It Wasn’t an Apology’

Mika Brzezinski Questions First Franken Accuser: ‘Playboy Model Who Goes on Hannity, Voted for Trump’

Seth Meyers Hits Al Franken Over Latest Allegations: ‘You Can’t Do That To Your Wife!’

GOP Rep. Trent Franks Resigning Amid Rumors of Inappropriate Behavior

The Most Mind-Blowing Aspects of Al Franken’s Demise

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