Twitter Reacts to LaVar Ball’s Insane CNN Interview: ‘The Highest Level of Performance Art’


Twitter has so many feelings about Chris Cuomo‘s interview with LaVar Ball over his battle of wills with President Trump.

Ball’s son was one of the UCLA basketball players who recently returned to the U.S. after Trump asked the Chinese president to drop the shoplifting charges against them and release them. Ball dismissed Trump’s involvement in the negotiations on the matter, and the president retaliated by saying maybe he should’ve left the student-athletes in prison for a few years.

When Ball came on CNN to talk about this…well…things went WAY off the rails and you’re better off just watching it for yourself.

All in all, while the Twitterverse is still debating whether the interview was wildly entertaining or a cringe-inducing nightmare, it seems like everyone can agree the whole thing amounted to a full-scale train wreck.

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