Professor Confronts Dershowitz on His ‘Spirited Defense’ of Trump: It’s Like ‘He’s Above the Law’


Alan Dershowitz‘s media tour continued on Hardball tonight, where Georgetown Law Professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler confronted him over his continued defenses of President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz first spoke with Chris Matthews about his book making the case against impeaching Trump.

Butler responded by speaking directly to him:

“Professor Dershowitz, it’s an honor to be on this program with you. You taught me criminal law. You’re one of the people who inspired me to go into a career first as a prosecutor and then as someone who tries to speak up for the little guys, the people who are at the bottom of our criminal legal process, which I know you’ve tried to do as well. And so I find it kind of ironic now to see your spirited defense of President Trump. It’s almost as though he’s above the law, that the same rules don’t apply to him as apply to everybody else.”

He said there clearly could be crimes discovered that would set the grounds for impeachment (i.e. “if they’re taking money or other kinds of material aid from the Russians but not reporting”). Dershowitz said, “We’re not talking about taking money or giving money, we’re talking about getting information.”

Dershowitz insisted again during the interview he’d be defending Hillary Clinton the same way––even showing off the book cover he made from Earth-2.

“President Trump is a bizarre poster boy,” Butler responded, “to the idea of fidelity to the rule of law or non-political prosecutions. He campaigned based on the idea of ‘locking her up.'”

As the segment concluded, Butler told Dershowitz he agrees with the points he’s making about abuse of power, but added, “Dude, go down to the Boston County Jail. There are a lot of poor black and Latino men who could use your advocacy way more than Donald Trump.”

Dershowitz countered that he’s devoted half of his time to such advocacy, but argued, “If you can take away the constitutional rights of a President, you can take away the constitutional rights of anybody.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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