Lou Dobbs Guest Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Getting Raped’ by ‘Expense’ of ‘Asylum Scammers’


FBN’s Lou Dobbs and his guest, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey riffed on Thursday’s show about President Donald Trump‘s rally in Michigan, and said it’s “time for payback” because Trump and his supporters are vindicated.

“He continues these rallies with the American people, for all the time that his base, his supporters have been put through holy hell by these ignorant, deceptive, politically corrupt radical Dems,” said Dobbs. “It is time for payback, and — and his supporters deserve this, because it’s vindication.”

McCaughey, staying with the number one topic of ever airing of Dobbs’ show, took the moment to bash refugees.

“And they are not being fooled by all this rhetoric, all this fake sympathy for the asylum scammers at the southern border either,” she said of the Trump supporters Dobbs referenced. “Believe me, most Americans know they are getting raped by all of the expense of this, and they are glad this president is going to solve this problem, and he ought to close the border tomorrow.”

“He ought to close it right away, because he has the leverage,” she added.

“He should, and he said he would, he might,” Dobbs agreed. “But the fact is, we have a border right now with people pouring across it. He’s called it an invasion, it is.”

“It is an invasion,” McCaughey concurred.

After some more back and forth, McCaughey said she is “amazed the Democrats have the nerve to express sympathy” for the asylum-seekers at the border. “We won’t tolerate people scamming their way into college, but these people are scamming their way into the country,” she said.

Toward the end of the above clip, Dobbs took a shot at DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, saying she’s more likely to complain about how difficult the job is than do the job.

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