Lou Dobbs Heralds Trump’s ‘Week of Winning’ While Decrying ‘Villainous’ Acts from Mueller, Prosecutors


On Wednesday, following the sentencing of the president’s former fixer and the revelations about publisher AMI’s complicity in a scheme that violated campaign finance law on THE president’s behalf, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs raved at length over the fantastic “week of winning” for President Donald Trump.

And after being joined by guest Andrew McCarthy, a former chief assistant U.S. attorney and Fox News contributor, Dobbs decried the “venomous” left and the “villainous” Robert Mueller and New York prosecutors.

It began at the top with his opening spiel. “Our top story, President Trump’s week of winning,” Dobbs declared, before launching into his list of Trump’s achievements from the week, as Dobbs saw them.

“Despite being assailed ceaselessly by the venomous left who inhabit much of the media, President Trump has made positive gains in trade with China, as the Chinese agreed this week to lower tariffs on American made cars, as the President claims the moral high ground on the border wall, and a transparent display of strength yesterday with radical Dem leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, dismantling those fake news report about his administration, slapping down reports he’s struggling to replace his chief of staff as he Is in no hurry to do so. And being right about Brexit of course, the weak French president and the European union. The European union that has now joined with this president in seeking balanced trade with China.”

That wasn’t the end.

“The strong week for this president comes despite an ongoing propaganda blitz from the leftwing national media and the radical Dems, an assault like we’ve never seen before. They’re sharpening knives over recent sentencing memos provided by the Mueller witch hunt, and today’s conviction of the president’s former lawyer for making hush money payments and lying to Congress.”

He then played clips of members of the press (but not Fox News) discussing the criminal convictions associated with the Trump campaign and inner circle, along with other current events that actually happened, which are sometimes referred to in brief as “news.” Dobbs was outraged by that reporting of things that occurred.

“What turmoil, what nonsense, and they just gin it up without so much as a blush,” he said with amazement for some reason. “What are those leftist cable networks, what are they failing to mention here? Well one of the things they’re failing to mention, take note of at all: no sitting president can be indicted at anytime they’re in office.”

The left and the media also “failed to account for every sound legal mind in the country who says the Southern District of New York, the Special Counsel office, seem to be out of their minds, and have yet to prove any collusion or wrongdoing on the part of the president of the United States,” he said.

He played a clip of attorney Alan Dershowitz saying that Trump would have committed no crime on two particular points, followed by a clip of Fox News political analyst Gregg Jarrett saying that there’s not “a shred of evidence” of collusion, a segment from Mark Levin‘s show way back in September saying that violating campaign finance laws isn’t a violation of the law, and finally an undated clip of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) saying that he had “yet to see any evidence’ from Cohen about collusion with Russia, and “that’s what started the Mueller investigation to begin with.”

“It’s well outlived its original charter,” said Dobbs after the second set of press clips (of just Fox News). He was then joined by Andrew McCarthy. Dobbs tamely opened their discussion by saying “this looks like a network of hack left wing attorneys at various levels of government who are working to assail the President of the United States, not to bring anyone to justice.”

Dobbs became increasingly agitated about Cohen as the interview went on, at one point objecting to McCarthy saying “he” for President Trump, under the pretense of clarity.

Dobbs also objected to the word “implicated” being used about “the President.”

“How could Michael Cohen have any such presumption that he could do so?” he asked with how-dare-he haughty offense. “Only at the behest, as you noted, of the Special Counsel and the Southern District of New York would he be asked to do so.”

“This is such a straightforward, to me, as a layman, it is such a straightforward preposterous, absurd, and I think villainous attempt on the part of prosecutors in the Southern District, the Mueller team, perhaps as well,the Manhattan attorney’s office, we know that the Attorney General of New York is now going to join in, what is a mob rule in our Justice Department, it seems to me.”

He also called it “a network of partisan legal prosecutors in three levels of government going after a sitting president without any, without any basis” just after the end of the above clip, which you can watch courtesy of the Fox Business Network.

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