comScore Lou Dobbs: Why Aren’t Republicans ‘Screaming for the Arrest of Andrew McCabe’?

Lou Dobbs: Why Aren’t Republicans ‘Screaming for the Arrest of Andrew McCabe’?

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs asked tonight why Republicans aren’t “screaming” for Andrew McCabe‘s arrest after his 60 Minutes interview.

McCabe talked on 60 Minutes about the 25th Amendment talk he said was raised by acting AG Rod Rosenstein “in the context of thinking about how many other Cabinet officials might support such an effort” against the president. Senator Lindsey Graham reacted by saying Congress will investigate the matters.

Dobbs railed against McCabe for “trying to overthrow the president” and, in a conversation with ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp, asked, “Why is the establishment in Washington D.C. not screaming for the arrest of Andrew McCabe and all of his cohorts in the DOJ and the FBI? Why is is that there seems to be almost a satisfaction in the status quo, no matter how rancid and corrupt in the swamp that id D.C.?”

Schlapp said he’s “disgusted by it” too and the one person who can take action is current Attorney General Bill Barr, saying, “I’d be greatly disappointed if he doesn’t.”

Dobbs again asked, “Why the hell isn’t the Republican Party standing up and demanding his arrest?”

“You know why,” Schlapp said.

“I do not know why, or I would not be asking you,” Dobbs responded.

Schlapp said it’s because they “don’t want the controversy of actually taking the deep state on because they might become its next victim.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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