Louie Gohmert Demands Investigation into Mueller: He Wants to ‘Affect the Election and Screw Over’ Trump


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is calling for an investigation into special counsel Robert Mueller because, in the congressman’s view, the special counsel’s objective is to destroy President Donald Trump and upset the coming elections throughout the country.

Gohmert spoke to Harris Faulkner on Wednesday, saying he agrees with Alan Dershowitz in the sense that Trump’s legal team should only present Mueller with conditions he’d never really accept if he ever wants an interview with the president. The congressman said an interview with Mueller would be a “disaster” for Trump and “he is not going to stop until he gets some kind of indictment against the president.”

“That’s what Mueller wants to get. And when I hear that Giuliani is saying ‘Oh, if it goes past September 1, Mueller will be blamed for playing politics and affecting the election,'” Gohmert said. “Mueller could care less. He would love to affect the election…This is a guy that doesn’t care. He is hoping he will affect the election and screw over the president.”

As Gohmert went on about why Mueller should be “disqualified,” Faulkner eventually asked him if it would be better or worse for Trump if Mueller made an interview happen via subpoena. The congressman called this a calculated ploy on Mueller’s part to lead Trump into a “perjury trap” (which would only work if Trump fails to tell the truth).

“President Trump is a smart guy and he knows he is not guilty of anything he is being investigated for, so why should he sit down when there are other implications they would do anything to find something to indict him for? They will twist anything he says no matter how he says it and try to make it into an indictment. From Mueller’s standpoint, he can’t accept the terms, then is he fighting the president saying you are obstructing. You are hiding. They are fighting over a subpoena and that affects the election. Mueller would love it.”

He concluded by saying Rod Rosenstein should be investigated too since “the president’s in trouble and justice is not being done” as long as he remains deputy attorney general.

One last thing: spot the moment in the interview where Faulkner praises Gohmert as an “excellent lawyer” since he’s on the House Judiciary Committee.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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