Manafort Juror: Would Be ‘Grave Mistake’ for Trump to Pardon Him

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper Friday night, a juror from the Manafort trial — who is also a Trump supporter — said that she thinks it would be a “grave mistake” for Trump to pardon Paul Manafort.

“How would you feel if the president pardoned Paul Manafort?” Cooper asked juror Paula Duncan.

She replied:  “I feel it would be a grave mistake for President Trump to pardon Paul Manafort.”

Cooper then asked her why she felt that way.

“Justice was done, the evidence was there and that’s where it should stop,” she replied.

Then after suggesting that maybe Manafort is part of the swamp, she had a novel idea for a new Trump hat.

Noting that she gets a lot of flak for her MAGA support, Duncan said, “When peaceful Americans’ views are silenced from fear, then America is certainly not a great country. So maybe what we need are caps that say make America kind again.”

“Do you think that’s a hat that the president would wear, make America kind again?” Cooper asked.

“I challenge President Trump to wear a hat that says make America kind again because I think once we’re kind, then we will be great,” she replied. “Tolerance is important.”

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