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Matthews On ‘Complicated’ Snowden Case: ‘We [Hung] John Brown, And He Was Fighting Slavery’

During a live broadcast in Boston, Massachusetts, MSNBC host Chris Matthews took a brief poll of the audience assembled in Quincy Market. Matthews was asked by one onlooker what he thought the mood of the country was regarding the revelations leaked by Edward Snowden relating to the National Security Agency’s intelligence gathering practices. Matthews said that his feelings and those of the public were “mixed” on Snowden, and recalled that even John Brown was hung for treason. “And he was fighting slavery,” Matthews recalled.

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“I wonder why – what you think about how riled up the left is about Snowden?” one onlooker asked.

“Well, it’s mixed,” Matthews said. He noted that “some in the netroots” are supportive of Snowden while people like him are more cautious and want to know what information Snowden surrendered and to whom first.

“No one else told me what was going on,” Matthews said “[Sen. Dianne] Feinstein didn’t tell me. This guy did.”

“What’s your sense of what the country thinks,” the onlooker asked.

“I think the country is mixed,” Matthews replied. “Remember, we hang John Brown, and he was fighting slavery. So, it’s complicated.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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