Meghan McCain Disagrees With Joy Behar on Cuomo: ‘Dangerous’ to Say ‘Democratic Policies Are More Important Than Sexually Assaulting Women’


Meghan McCain took issue with comments from Joy Behar on The View after her liberal counterpart offered a cynical argument about why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) shouldn’t be forced to resign over his sexual harassment scandals.

The View started the week off by discussing the massive political pressure Cuomo is facing from fellow Democrats calling for his resignation. When Behar was asked if it is time for Cuomo to go, she sided with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call for the investigation into the governor to play out, then spoke about how Cuomo’s removal could be disadvantageous for Democratic political interests.

There’s so much politics involved here and so many people piling on the guy — not that I think he’s innocent or guilty — I don’t know the whole story. It seems to me he’ll have trouble governing under these circumstances. What worries me is if he resigns and fast forward down the line a Republican becomes the governor of New York state, a lot of things will happen that I won’t be happy with.

Behar went on to list the “good points” she appreciates from Cuomo’s governorship. Moments later, McCain countered by implicitly calling out Behar for the insinuation that Cuomo will be held to a different standard on alleged sexual harassment because he’s a Democrat.

“That is a very, murky, ugly, nebulous, hypocritical message for Democrats to be putting out,” McCain said. “If you’re going to hold him not accountable, then it doesn’t matter. He should just stay in office because he’s a Democrat and Democrat policies are more important than sexually assaulting women, that’s a very dangerous road for Democrats to go down.”

McCain also bashed Cuomo for the scandal he also faces over his nursing home directive in the midst of the coronavirus.

Watch above, via ABC.

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