Meghan McCain Responds to Trump After Former President’s Statement Blasting Her Family: It’s ‘a Blood Feud At This Point’


Meghan McCain offered a dismissive reaction to Donald Trump when asked about the former president’s latest insulting comments about her and her family.

McCain spoke Fox News’ Howard Kurtz for a MediaBuzz interview on Bad Republican, her new audio memoir where she dished on her negative relationship with her former co-hosts on The View. The memoir has drawn a great deal of publicity in recent days — particularly after Trump saw fit to weigh in by trashing McCain’s family while calling the former View co-host a “bully” and a “lowlife.”

Kurtz asked McCain for her thoughts, and she sarcastically responded by telling Trump “thanks for the publicity.”

He really has a way of helping people get publicity for their books. I think this part of what my memoir is about. It’s about being a bad Republican at The View, when just being a Republican in general means you’re the villain at The View, and then it means me being a bad Republican in the Republican Party right now because I’m not a Trump supporter. My family and him have a blood feud at this point. It’s about what conservatism looks like post-Trump, which I think is something Republicans will have to take a hard look at one way or another, even if he ends up running in 2024.

Asked whether Trump’s statement hurt at all, McCain said she has become accustomed to his insults towards her father, the late Senator John McCain. She also shared her distaste for Trump’s recent attack on Colin Powell after his death. But as for his remarks towards her, McCain said “I was laughing in the car with my husband” when she saw it.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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