Megyn Kelly Gets Heated With Legal Analyst Over FBI Kavanaugh Probe: ‘They’re Not Trying to Solve This Case!’


NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly and MSNBC Legal Analyst Dan Goldman battled at length on Megyn Kelly Today Monday over the FBI investigation that is currently underway into allegations of sexual assault made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Kelly said the FBI isn’t there to clear the case or “solve it” and Goldman said “sure they are.”

Amy Holmes, co-host of PBS’ In Principle, explained that the investigation by the FBI isn’t like a criminal investigation you might see on TV, but more like conducting interviews. As Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Brett Kavanaugh both said last week, doing the same thing the committee was already doing.

“I also want it to be clear that, with the FBI investigation, this isn’t CSI or Law & Order, they’re not going to be going, looking for forensic evidence. They’re talking to people, they’re interviewing them,” she said. “Then they deliver that information to the Senate to bring us back to where we are, which is the Senate’s advice and consent.”

Goldman disagreed. “That shouldn’t be the only thing that there is,” he said. He argued they should investigate the Mark Judge’s employment records for timing and that “they should look into the house.”

The FBI should “try to figure out where this house was, what it was, see, if it hasn’t been renovated, if they can match it up to Dr. Ford’s description,” he said.

“Oh my God, Dan,” Kelly interjected. “Seriously?”

Holmes pointed out that Ford doesn’t even know which house to indicate, and Kelly said “that’s the problem. The FBI is going to figure out the story she is unable to tell?”

“Yes,” he said, as Kelly said “no, that’s not their job.”

Goldman then argued that it’s not a victim’s job to provide corroboration, although what Kelly asked was whether the FBI needed to tell the entire story. In the crosstalk, there was no distinguishing between making a victim provide corroboration, Goldman’s point, as opposed to there being an actual set of details for the FBI to even check, the point Kelly and Holmes were making.

Kelly then read to the group from the report issued by Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor hired by the GOP to ask questions on their behalf. She highlighted Mitchell’s listing of apparent inconsistencies she identified in testimony, and as she reached the peak she culminated by suggesting it was impossible for the FBI to make anything out of that.

“And now we want the FBI to spend this week going back and scouring the Maryland neighborhood and looking in people’s homes and figuring out who renovated and when, and what it looked like..”

Goldman interrupted, saying “that’s how cases are solved, Megyn.”

“There’re not trying to solve this case, Dan,” Kelly exclaimed. “They’re not trying to solve it, because it’s not a criminal investigation.”

Goldman said his biggest problem with Kavanaugh’s testimony was that he didn’t say “I welcome” this FBI investigation, which the panel is currently arguing about being superflous or impossible.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of NBC.

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