Morning Joe Marvels At Russia Summit: Putin ‘Walking in From the Cold’…Into ‘Embrace of the American President’


The panel on Morning Joe was in shock Monday over Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump‘s meeting in Helsinki, Finland, opining that events should not be proceeding as they are.

“This whole episode is surreal,” MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle said. “Part of it began on Friday with that aforementioned indictment, 29 pages, 11 counts, an incredibly insightful peek into Russian intelligence operatives and what they were trying to do… to the United States of America.”

“An investigation led in part by Peter Strzok, FBI agent who was on the stand in that horrendous Republican-led hearing on Thursday,” he added. “It occurs to a lot of people that [Putin] he has already achieved success. He’s gotten a free pass from the president of the United States in his invasion of Ukraine, the fourth anniversary tomorrow of shooting down the Malaysian airline, disrupting and declaring war on the American political system and here he is on board with the president of the United States side by side.”

“This is extraordinary for Putin,” President of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass agreed. “Whatever his plan or his hopes were, this has far exceeded them. No way any Russian president could have imagined this degree of disarray in the western alliance essentially generated by the leader of that alliance.”

“Any normal president would have done two things over the last week,” Haass continued. “One, he could have made sure that the foundation of the alliance, U.S.-European relations looked robust heading into a summit. That’s a foundation of strength. And two… he would use [the recent indictments] as ammunition to go after a Russian president and say this has to stop, and here is the price you’re going to pay for what you’ve done, and here is the price you’re going to pay if you do it again.”

“Donald Trump is more of an outlier as the 45th president than any of those 1 through 44 that came before him,” Haass concluded.

“What you have just seen, I don’t think it’s too melodramatic to say it, is President Putin walking in from the cold, out of that plane and into the embrace of the American president, effectively, who is saying I’m going to hold a one on one summit with you,” Washington Reporter for BBC America Katty Kay offered. “The years of Russia being seen as a pariah by the west, Donald Trump seems to be saying those are coming to a close.”

“This is an extraordinary reward for somebody who just a couple years ago was really seen as somebody nobody in the west would be prepared to do business with,” she later added.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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