MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch on Ebola Fears: We’re a ‘Nation of Cowards’

MSNBC personality Donny Deutsch thinks America is becoming a “nation of cowards” as more people express genuine fears over the potential spread of the Ebola virus.

“I don’t know if you guys feel this,” he told his fellow Morning Joe panelists, “Robert Reich wrote a piece that touched on this that we’re kind of a nation of cowards now. Every time I run into somebody who’s on north shore of Long Island — ‘I’m afraid of Ebola’ — it’s just, shut up. You know, are you not getting — yes, this is something that’s serious. Just stop it. Stop it.”

Deutsch was likely referring to Reich’s week-old column entitled “Getting a Grip on Ebola,” which lambasted people for “losing their heads” over the virus.

Host Joe Scarborough played a little devil’s advocate, suggesting to Deutsch that people are afraid of Ebola because they distrust their leaders in government to protect them from a pandemic.

“I also think they’re cowards,” Deutsch replied. “Narcissistic.”

Scarborough then rattled off a “year-by-year-by-year-by-year” list of Bush and Obama controversies that prove Americans have no reason to be anything but scared because of government incompetence.

Watch below, starting around 7:25 into video:

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